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Forth Environment Link (FEL) is a Scottish environmental charity leading the way on connecting people and place. FEL supports more day to day journeys on foot or by bike; encourages more local food to be grown and eaten in our communities; and helps increase the lifespan of our everyday items. The following values underpin our activity as an organisation:

People first - Investing in our team to ensure we can provide tailored support where it is needed most.

Enabling – Delivering activity in a way that is practical, easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

Collaborative - Ensuring we work in partnership to add value where we can.

Innovative - Testing and developing new ideas and being a catalyst for change.

Passionate – Demonstrating a love for the environment and our place within it in everything we do.

Fair – Working in a way that is inclusive and reflects the needs of the people and communities we work with.

Our strategic approach reflects our ambition as an organisation and recognises the role third sector will perform in delivering national outcomes at a local and regional level.

FEL is partly funded by Scottish Government but is also required to generate additional revenue through grants, income generation and other fundraising activities.



  •  To link people and the environment for a greener, healthier future.


We work with others on environmental and food issues to:

  • Encourage and support involvement, learning and practical action
  • Educate and raise awareness
  • Create and develop new ideas

For more information on FEL or to find out more about our work visit the website.

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