Sustainable Development Goals

We support the ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals.

The vision of the Global Goals international action plan is to set out a positive vision for the future - to tackle poverty and inequality and promote sustainable development across the world.  There are 17 Global Goals which form the basis of a global partnership for sustainable development.

The work of Stirling Active Travel Hub contributes to 10 of these goals:

E-WEB-Goal-01_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-03_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-04_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-07_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-08_150_150.png

E-WEB-Goal-09_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-10_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-11_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-13_150_150.png  E-WEB-Goal-14_150_150.png

  • Active travel hubs support people to travel in clean, affordable and healthy ways.
  • Active travel can improve both physical and mental health.
  • Urban areas with less vehicle traffic tend to be more cohesive and neighbourly with reduced levels of noise pollution and congestion.
  • Short commutes of around 5 miles to work each day can contribute to reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions and combat global climate change.
  • A move away from car trips brings more safety for all, not just cyclists.

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