Encouraging others

Claire and the Kerse Road Closure

Here is another of our collected cycling stories from around Stirling. Claire is a keen cyclist, and she tells us about the positive effect the Kerse Bridge works had on her motivation. 

"I cycled to work for years, then went through a phase where I struggled and I started taking the car. Now, with the Kerse Road Bridge works I’ve had the wee extra kick that I needed and I’ve been back on my bike since January. Why cycling? Because for me it just makes sense on so many levels. Driving to work meant I had to leave home earlier in the morning than when I cycled. Finding a parking space could take an extra 5 minutes, often more if I then had to walk from there into work. But spending 10 minutes looking for parking every morning or getting stuck in an unexpected roadblock on the way is really inconvenient.


Now when I arrive at work I feel so much more invigorated

When you bike to work, finding parking is as easy as spotting the nearest bike rack or pole, locking up, and walking away – I love it. I used to drive to work with the window down because I knew that the fresh air made me feel more awake and alert when I got to work, but I still drove. When I arrive at work after my ride I feel so much more invigorated because I’ve been in the fresh air and because I actively moved, too. When I cycle, I like the feeling that I’m helping the environment, helping my own fitness and that that occasional bit of cake doesn’t matter so much! It can be dark and cold, but I’ve got lots of lights and the right clothing so it’s manageable. I definitely feel better for it."