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Lesley's Story

Lesley's Story - Meanders got me back into cycling

I learned to cycle at an early age, encouraged by my Dad’s love of bikes.  I remember him patiently teaching me, first of all with stabilisers and then helping me as I wobbled along slowly for the first time after they were removed.  Then, at university in St Andrews, everyone had a bike, and I was no exception.

Then, I left university, got a job and then a car, and the cycling stopped.  For the best part of thirty years.

Three years ago, I suddenly decided completely out of the blue that I was going to buy a bike.  I purchased a hybrid with straight bars.  Cycling a bike is a skill which never leaves you, right?  Yeah right.  I got the bike out of the boot of the car, hopped on (well, struggled on) wobbled to the opposite side of the road, hit the kerb and came to a somewhat undignified halt.

 I saw information about Stirling Cycle Hub, and the newly inaugurated Meanders, and decided to give it a try.  The social side of cycling with others quickly gave me the cycling bug.


The Meanders also helped me through that sad year, as I had lost my Dad to Parkinsons just after the cycle.

I may not be able to cycle the fastest, or the furthest, but I do credit the Hub with motivating me to continue via their events and also with their consistent encouragement and good humour/banter.

 I like to think that with their guidance I’m becoming a more confident and also, hopefully, competent and courteous cyclist and that I’m now ready to move on from the Meanders to the longer rides.

As I’ve made new cycling friends through the Hub, we’ve also been able to arrange regular cycles independently – networks have been made!

Therefore, I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get back into cycling to join the Meander Social Rides.

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