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The future's electric

The future's electric

Clare's story about getting back on a bike again. 

I've had arthritis since I was 21. I used to cycle to work when I lived in London and Oxford and when I first moved to Manchester. I had to stop 2 and a half years ago and I thought I might never get back on a bike. This weekend I tried an ebike from the Stirling active travel hub and I loved it! It was so easy and I felt so happy to be back on a bicycle. I really enjoyed having those feelings of being free and independent back. I'm convinced - I went home and started researching ebikes straight away.

I was surprised at how simple the controls were and how fast the bike was - in fact the only thing I found difficult was trying to cycle slowly! The boost of the motor kicking in as I pushed the pedal down was a surprise, and actually added to the fun! I got used to it very quickly.

Shortly after writing this, Clare made the decision to buy an ebike - watch this space for updates!!

If you think that an ebike might help you to start cycling or take it up again, pop into the hub for a chat and you can try one of our ebikes.