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Kym and Nextbikes

The now very popular bike share scheme is in its 4th year in Stirling, and going from strength to strength! We are very pleased to see how well used it is and we thought we'd leave it to one of its users to tell us about the experience. Kym has been using nextbike for some time, and kindly wrote a piece for our blog:

"Cycling around Stirling using the nextbike is easy and super convenient. I actually had a bike for a bit, but preferred to use nextbike for most of my trips.


With nextbike, you don't have to worry about a lock or the weather. I could pick up a bike near my flat in St. Ninian's and bike to the University. If it started to rain while at Uni, I had the option to take the bus home instead of grabbing a new bike.

Nextbike does a great job of relocating the bikes so that it was rare that I was left without a bike in the rack near my home.

 "The bikes are very reliable"

In addition, the bikes are very reliable and they can take a lot. I was always confident I could get where I was going e.g. up to Stirling University campus. I never had a bike break down on me.

I actually also used the bikes on vacation. I spent 3 days in Stonehaven, where there is no bike rental within walking distance. I (with permission from nextbike) took a bike on the train with me and was able to bike to several castles and through some really beautiful bike trails. It was so easy and convenient, that I did two more trips like this.

It was also extremely convenient that my membership worked in Glasgow. So, when I had to work for 3 weeks at the Science Centre, I could grab a bike from the train station to get there.

Finally, the call centre is extremely helpful and fair. For example, once a bike wouldn't release and it registered as being rented anyway. When I called about something like this, call centre employees were able to see or figure out that it was a rack error and immediately refund the charge.

My only real complaint is that nextbike isn't available yet in Edinburgh (where I am living now), but that is a complaint that is hopefully fixable soon."