Encouraging others

Learning to ride a bike


Ugo shares with us how she learnt to ride a bike


Stirling Active Travel Hub's free bike training was my first attempt at riding a bike of any kind despite the fact that we had a total of 4 bikes in the back shed (hubby and the boys had one each). This was the perfect opportunity to learn, since I had over a week off from work (which doesn't happen very often) so I decided to register online for the training. The staff were all really nice and friendly. The training was well organised and the trainers were very experienced and gave helpful suggestions on best practices.

Afterwards, the Hub let me borrow a bike to practise with on the days when I couldn't meet up with the scheduled classes. We also learnt a lot from other training about basic bike maintenance and care although that was mainly my husband who had already been cycling and would often commute with his road bike. We were also told that we could request to borrow ebikes as well as that may be easier to start with. I enjoyed the lessons immensely and felt more confident subsequently.


[Since Ugo learnt how to ride a bike, she's been spotted out and about cycling her with her husband and two boys]...