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Tour de Stirling

Tour de Stirling on a ebike thanks to the Stirling Active Travel Hub;

The E-bike revolution

Jen tells us her story of using the Active Travel Hub ebikes.

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On  the weekend of 7th-9th of December 2018 we had the amazing opportunity to try out the ebikes from The Stirling Active Travel Hub.

I can’t recommend the ebikes enough. I took out one of the bikes to take my lovely, Spanish friend on a tour around Stirling.

We went to the Wallace Monument, The University of Stirling, Stirling Castle and the Battle of Bannockburn- all in one day!!!!



It was soooooooo fun.  There is something special about cycling to explore a place rather than driving or using public transport. It allows you to take in the scenery and the fresh air. Plus, on an E-bike you literally don't feel tired, sweaty or out of breath. You breeze up the hills, feeling totally free and liberated.

I couldn’t believe we made it to the top of the Wallace monument and the castle on an ebike! Minimal effort and incredible views.

I have mentioned my love for E-bikes in many blogs. I think they have the potential to make a huge difference to the world and people’s lives; if made affordable for everyone.


There is a wide range of benefits from using ebikes including reducing our environmental impact, improving fitness and reducing social isolation!

You have 3 setting on the average bike; Eco, Normal, Sport. Eco giving you the least help and sport you the most; making you feel like you are flying.


Ebikes are available in a wide variety of forms; commuting e-bikes, leisure e-bikes, trekking e-bikes, even off-road mountain bike e-bikes. They have real potential to make cycling more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Ebikes can change lives...

I always remember the story of an incredible woman I met a few years ago on a led ride. We got on really well, every week I looked forward to seeing her and finding out more about her life.  She had breast cancer, when we met she was undergoing chemo-therapy treatment.

Jen4.pngShe would frequently tell me how much she enjoyed the weekly rides. It gave her time to socialise, be out in nature and switch-off from the world. Some weeks she felt too fatigued after her treatment to come along to the rides.

MY favourite moment.. One day she came cycling up to the hub with a beaming smile, she had hired an ebike. It was such a wonderful moment, she said she felt totally liberated. The ebike allowed her to overcome fatigue and continue attending the weekly rides. Each week she was able to adjust the settings depending on how she felt and to slowly build up her strength again.


I also met an empowering 75-year-old woman in Orkney who had brought her E-bike with her all the way from England! She was on a solo cycling holiday- at 75! The E-bike was a gift from her daughter- 'the best gift she has ever received'.  The bike allowed her to regain confidence, balance and slowly build fitness. She said the best part is “breathing in the fresh air and being out in nature”.


Scotland on ebikes..

My mum sent me a link to a new BBC doc about a journalist who cycled through the Cairngorms on an E-bike. Imagine cycling with ease through the beautiful Scottish Highlands!!!

-Trossachs Rural eBike Demo– a National Trust pilot scheme to promote the use of e-bikes in rural and deprived areas.

-Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas– a campaign promoting the introduction of a new electric bus service in rural Morayshire, which had not previously had any public transport links.



Both projects have been funded by The Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund to improve awareness and access to sustainable travel in Scotland.

If you are in the Stirling area or passing by, I highly recommend trying out the ebikes; take your family or friends on a tour around Stirling! Don’t forget to wrap up- the more layers the better!

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