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An Unforeseen Issue with e-bikes

An unforeseen issue with ebikes... 

Here at the Active Travel Hubs we are- without exception- huge fans of ebikes. There seems little doubt that they’re game-changers, and also that in time they’ll be absolutely everywhere and we’ll all be riding them.

Not used one yet? Well, we have some available for loan (see our Bike Library) and we can guarantee that when you first get a go and play about with the power output options you’ll soon develop the ‘ebike grin’. They are, above all else, fun.

However, there is a downside. A serious downside. And that is talking. Yes, talking. If you find yourself out on a ride with someone who has recently acquired an ebike then the e-assist allows them to cruise effortlessly up hill, across rougher ground, and against the wind. Thus allowing them to talk. And talk. And talk. Almost always about the relative merits of their ebike.

Picture the scene, it’s just after New Year and I meet with a couple of pals for a blow-the-cobwebs-off mountain bike in the Ochils. Two of us are on ‘normal’ mountain bike, a third party is on his new ebike.

It’s a stiff climb, and conversation naturally dies away as we begin to breathe harder and gain height. And then the ebike chat begins… Powered by their battery our ebike hero can still easily converse, but it ends up being a one-sided monologue as all you can do is grunt a response in-between laboured breaths.  Be prepared for an in-depth explanation of the differences between Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and other manufacturers’ systems and how the 2019 bikes’ batteries have up to 19.653% greater increase in kilowatt hours output compared to the 2018 models. Imagine the excitement!  And the new Specialized system has a smaller, neater cover for the motor that saves 39grams! Yes 39 grams! I nearly fainted, such was my incredulity. Oh no, it wasn’t being amazed by the barrage of techno-babble, it was just that we were only 350 metres into the 700 metre ascent!

In all fairness folks we’re as evangelical about ebikes as anyone else and we’d be delighted to introduce you to them. Come along to our Hubs in Falkirk or Stirling and ask a member of staff about our ebike loan scheme. Then you too can cruise uphill, blethering away to anyone who’ll listen. You’ll soon find you have lots to talk about…