Ebike commuter challenge

Ebike Commuter Challenge

Do you drive to work every day? Do you sometimes think ‘I'm sure I could bike this distance, but it's just that bit too far and the wind's always in the wrong direction’?

If so, we are looking for YOU! We need car-drivers who are keen to spend two weeks testing an E-bike. Do you live within biking distance of work (up to 15 km) and are willing to bike to work at least twice a week? Then put your name down for ebike challenge.

An electric bike gives you that extra bit of power when you're biking into the wind, travelling long distances and biking uphill.

2 days biking to work. You will be amazed! Do you like driving and have nothing against cycling? Do you live within 15 km of your work? Then bike to work twice a week and feel the difference:

 No traffic jams and it takes less time you'd think.
 Thirty minutes of exercise per day and it's a lot cheaper than joining a gym.
 A beautiful journey; see all the things you miss when driving.

All you have to do is reserve an ebike, bike to work at least twice a week and complete a short questionnaire afterwards.


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