Route Planning

Got questions about how to best get from A to B?

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No matter if it is for a commute, to the shops or a bit further afield.   Come in to the Hub and we’ll help you with your route and also chat to you about useful tools when planning your route. We know where the great cycle paths are, short cuts and help you to find a safe route. 

We have our great wall map and also  paper and online maps available for route planning.  Pop in to have a look.

Looking for ideas for walking and cycling routes?

Cycling Routes

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A wide range of routes for different types of cycling can be found via the links at the top of the page.


Walking guides and maps

Around Stirling there are lots of places to go for a day out in the surrounding countryside. If you only have a an hour or two, there are plenty of short Stirling walks on your doorstep. In Stirling you are spoiled for choice. Scenic walks, hill walks, country walks, cliff top paths, woodland and waterfall walks, the ghost walk and walks around Stirling Castle and the Wallace monument. A gentle stroll or a steeper climb? 

Find the walk that is right for you.


Stirling Heritage Trails 

Stirling Heritage Trails is a series of walks produced in partnership with Stirling’s communities to help you explore the rich and varied heritage of Stirling.

Route planning online and on smart phones



A great online tool is CycleStreets (also available as an app for iPhoneAndroid and Windows). You enter a starting point and end point for your journey. The tool will provide you with three different options with an estimated journey time for each route:

  • fastest route
  • balanced route
  • quietest route



CityCyclist is a quick and easy city bike route planner. It finds the best route for you, whether you want to get there as quickly as possible or meander through quiet side streets.  The app is available for iPhone.  


Route planning for walking

walkit-logo.pngIf you're looking for a route planning tool for walking in Stirling, visit WalkIt Stirling.


Plotting your own routes

You could also plot your own route online, save it and use your mobile phone for turn-by-turn voice navigation. There are quite a few programs/apps out there for free that work well. Try Strava or Ride with GPS