Kippenrait Glen

Departing from outside Rock and Road Cycles head along the main street towards the bridge then hand a left at the little roundabout onto Blairforlie Drive. As you start ascending the road don't miss the walking path sign and steps on the left hand side that drop you onto the riverside path heading up towards Kippenrait Glen. Be aware of walkers on the path as this is a very popular walking route. Follow this route until you come to a T junction with the left-hand route over the bridge (there are two foot-bridges and this is the second one) and the right hand route climbing up a stone peppered path. Follow the right hand path up and then down the otherside onto the NCN765. Follow this, mainly tarmac'd route along the right hand side of the Glen (stopping to admire the Glen at the old bridge).

Climb out the other side on the road until you come to a T-junction with Sheriffmuir to the right and Dunblane straight on. Immediately on your left will be a landrover track passing by a large house. Follow this track until you reach what looks to be a turning area for large vehicles. On the left hand-side you will find the woodland track that routes back to Kippenrait Glen and follows back down what was the left hand side of the Glen as you rode up the right hand side on the NCN. This is a fast sweepy section of singletrack but be aware that there is a steep drop on your left hand side as you descend. The descent ends back at the woodland track T-junction as you ride over the bridge where you originally turned right.

If you want to extend this route then head back up the climb onto NCN765 and follow it all the way to Dunblane this time. At the big roundabout turn left and before you get to the main bridge turn left onto the walking path that skirts the lower edge of the golf course. Follow this for another short and rocky technical downhill section that returns you back to the T-junction bridge. From here you can head back the same way you originally came with the option of turning right over the first foot-bridge to explore the trails up to and around Knock Hill before descending back down the path and back into Bridge of Allan.