About Us

At Stirling Active Travel Hub we encourage and support people to walk and cycle for every day journeys, such as commuting, going to the shops and going to school.

We are passionate about the benefits of incorporating walking and cycling and other modes of active travel into everyday journeys to improve health for the individual and the environment for the community.

Our mission is to increase the amount of active travel journeys made in Stirlingshire through improving skills, knowledge, confidence and access to bikes.

We are aiming towards making Stirling the "Best City for Cycling & Walking” in Scotland.

Sustainable Development Goals

We support the ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals.

The vision of the Global Goals international action plan is to set out a positive vision for the future - to tackle poverty and inequality and promote sustainable development across the world.  There are 17 Global Goals which form the basis of a global partnership for sustainable development.

The work of Stirling Active Travel Hub contributes to 10 of these goals:

E-WEB-Goal-01_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-03_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-04_150_150.pngE-WEB-Goal-07_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-08_150_150.png

E-WEB-Goal-09_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-10_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-11_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-13_150_150.png E-WEB-Goal-14_150_150.png

  • Active travel hubs we are supporting people to travel in clean, affordable and healthy ways.
  • Active travel can improve both physical and mental health.
  • Urban areas with less vehicle traffic tend to be more cohesive and neighbourly with reduced levels of noise pollution and congestion.
  • Short commutes of around 5 miles to work each day can contribute to reduced levels of carbon dioxide emissions and combat global climate change.
  • A move away from car trips brings more safety for all, not just cyclists.

Events Calendar

Find all our latest cycling and walking events happening around Stirling.