Couch to Cycle App

Couch to Cycle helps new cyclists to set small and achievable targets as well as helping to build confidence through maintenance and cycling skills. The app provides an 8-week programme of cycle rides and skills development. Each week comprises a number of rides that the users can
track as well as a certain riding skill that they can choose to complete. 

Week 1 consists of three cycle rides with the target of cycling 5km in about 30 minutes. The skill developments for week 1 are: Moving off and Braking - tips on how to get on the bike, set off, as well as how to effectively and safely slow down and stop.

Users can then progress through each week’s rides and skills development. In week 8, the target is to cycle 25km within 2 hours using cycling skills such as gear-changing, road positioning, and observations, as well as being able to identify hazards such as weather, surface, and blind spots.

Finally, the app allows users to plan their own routes by using google or apple maps, or other route-planning platforms such as Ride With GPS and Cycle Street.