NHS Forth Valley 90-Day E-bike Trials with Forth Environment Link

Lynda is a clinical coding officer at NHS Forth Valley’s Royal Hospital and trialled one of our e-bikes during 2021. The opportunity allowed Lynda to cycle instead of using a car between 5 and 10 times every week, travelling up to 10 miles every work day, and, just as importantly, reintroduce cycling to her lifestyle. It wasn’t just the daily work commute either. Leisure time and errands also became an opportunity to get out on the e-bike and get some fresh air and movement. 

We recently asked Lynda how the cycling is going after her trial finished: 

I returned the e-bike over two years ago and both my husband and I bought our own e-bikes as we loved them so much. I am still cycling and will return to cycling to work again shortly since my hours at work have changed again to make this more possible. 

It was great to hear that Lynda and her husband have bought their own e-bikes (a cost that can be spread out with interest-free loans from Energy Savings Trust), so we wanted to learn more about why e-bikes felt like the right choice for them: 

The trial gave us the chance to try cycling again as we had not had bikes for a long time. I think an e-bike gives the option of using it without power if you want and also the option of extra power if you need or want it.  We go further on our e-bikes than we would on a regular bike as it is easier to venture further. 

The extra miles made possible by the electric assist on these bikes can really make a difference to your day and your lifestyle, so if you work for NHS Forth Valley don’t hesitate to get in touch from your NHS email and ask to be added to the 90-Day E-bike Trial Waiting List. Asked if she would recommend e-bikes to anyone thinking about it, Lynda said, “I would totally recommend trying the trial for any colleagues”.