walking and cycling to school

We have cycling projects in the four high schools in Stirling and Lornshill Academy.  We are also the Cycle Friendly Schools service centre for Stirling.

Active Travel to School

Find out about our school bike share project in Stirling's 4 high schools and our work at Lornshill Academy, Alloa

Why is active travel to school important?

  • Walking, scooting or cycling helps young people reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • Active travel keeps our streets free from congestion and is good for the environment.
  • Active travel helps young people arrive at school alert for lessons.
  • It's free!
  • Did you know that going to school in the car could mean you’re exposed to twice as much air pollution than walking, cycling or scooting the same route so why not walk, cycle or scoot?

How? Tips for making active travel easier and the school gates clear of traffic and safe:

  • Pushed for time? Walking, cycling or scooting can take less time than in the car, especially if you time your journey outside of busy periods. If time still feels tight, commit to actively travelling to school for a couple of days a week and then step it up when you’ve cracked the morning routine.
  • Too far to walk or heading to work? Park and stride it. Where can you leave your car and walk the last 10 minutes?
  • Bad weather? Keep the all-weather gear to hand and make the journey to school fun.
  • Map out and try out a new route so that you and your children are more aware and confident.
  • Make it fun - arrange to meet friends and walk together or turn the journey into a game. Are you on a nature trail or playing ‘I Spy?’
  • Buddy up - could you take turns with other families to walk to school? It’s fun for your kids to walk with their friends and easier on you.
  • Walk home and not both ways - is the walk to school too tricky? Can you do the walk home?

What support can Forth Environment Link offer?

  • Advice on gaining Cycling Scotland’s Cycle Friendly School status.
  • Produce school specific maps of safer routes.
  • Help schools develop travel to school action plans.
  • Organise Dr Bike visits to school campus.
  • Fully qualified staff to take risk assessed led rides.
  • Advice and support on funding applications for active travel initiatives.
  • Attend school events with active travel pop up.
  • Advice on staff training and credited cycling qualifications.
  • Advice and support to start school cycling club.
  • Advice and help to support a bike bus or a walking bus.

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Need some advice?

For schools that want to promote walking and cycling – and for parents looking to encourage their children to travel actively – there are a number of great resources available;



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Events Calendar

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