Active travel in your community

t Stirling Active Travel Hub we work with local communities to encourage and promote a culture of active travel as part of everyday journeys.  We work in partnership with key groups and individuals in the community to offer activities that enable and increase confidence to be more active.  

See our events page for led walks and rides, cycle maintenance courses and Dr Bike surgeries

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At the active travel hub we offer:

Cycle Friendly Community Award

We are currently working with the following communities in the Stirling area:

  • Riverside

We have developed Community Active Travel Action Plans (CATAPs) with several communities in Stirling to help them become more cycling friendly.  Through this work, each community can work towards Cycling Scotland's Cycle Friendly Community Award. This award encourages and supports communities across Scotland to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle locally in Stirling. The CATAPs can be found below:

  ToTT community plan cover.jpg   

Top of the Town Community Active Travel Action Plan 


  Cornton community plan cover.jpg

  Cornton Community Active Travel Action Plan


 BofA community plan cover.jpg

Bridge of Allan Community Active Travel Action Plan


Braehead community plan cover.jpg

Braehead Community Active Travel Action Plan


 St Ninians CATAP (COVER).jpg

 St Ninians Community Active Travel Action Plan




Events Calendar

Find all our latest cycling and walking events happening around Stirling.